Dance on Tour

‘Dance into Science’

Much more than a performance! This package includes a professional performance for your students, a creative experience for up to 6 classes, a fantastic CPD opportunity for teachers and resources for you to investigate following our visit…

A performance by professional dancers

Start off the day with an awesome performance for your whole school and see our dancers bringing to life our dance investigation of science concepts. A great way to open students minds to creative investigation and ideal for older students to recap aspects of science. This performance will give students the opportunity to access contemporary dance technique and begin feeding ideas about how to create movement based on a theme.

A one day creative dance workshop

Following the performance, one of our highly trained dancers will continue the fun leading workshops for up to 6 classes in your school. Aimed initially at KS2 pupils, these workshops can also be adapted for KS1. This workshop will focus on one of the key concepts from the mornings’ performance. This session will enable the pupils to take what they saw in performance and investigate in their own body. This session is also an ideal opportunity for CPD for teachers who can gain valuable experience watching how the session is structured and carried out.

A Teacher Resource Pack

Because we want you to be able to continue investigating these ideas once we have left your school, we have worked alongside ‘jumpstart into Primary School Dance’ to put together an easy to use resource pack. This includes 6 further session plans investigating each aspect of science investigated in our performance, music on cd, cue cards, and even some footage on DVD. These resources can be used by all teachers across your school and although aimed at KS2 can be adapted to work for KS1 pupils.

The inspiration for ‘Dance into Science’

Sarah Bell has been working in Rutland schools as Rutland Dance Coach for the last four years and is very passionate about providing all children access to high quality dance experiences. She has recently expanded on her teaching work to create performance projects to tour in schools with educational workshops to run alongside. With a large interest in cross curricular activities, she looks at taking subjects out of the class room to be explored in a practical way.

“All children learn, and develop their understanding through different means. This is concept that has been proven and is at the forefront of teaching in primary schools. All children enjoy the act of being physical and experimenting with their own range of movement. For lots of pupils, this physical act may make the subject being investigated more memorable than reading or writing the same information.” Says Sarah

The perfect package to enable you to carry on investigating ‘Dance into Science’.

Areas of investigation

Our performance and workshops look at elements of physics and chemistry that are investigated in National Curriculum Key Stage Two Science. These areas are:-




Materials – changing form

Electricity – Sparks